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New double single, "Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa", was released November 29th!
Updated: December 14, 2006

Dreams Come True's new double single, Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa, was released November 29th!

Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa

Limited Edition (CD + DVD)
ID Number: UPCH-9274
Price: 1,500 yen
(Bonus DVD: "The Love Rocks" concert tour digest and mini-documentary)

Regular Edition (CD)
ID Number: UPCH-5432
Price: 1,260 yen

  1. Moshimo yuki nara
    This second tune (which means "If it is snow") will be DCT's song for the Winter season , similar to other DCT seasonal tunes such as "Love Letter", "Snow Dance", "Winter Song", and "LAT. 43 N ~".
  2. Kyou dake wa [sample]
    The theme of this song is "forever good relationship" among not only friends, but also brothers, sisters, and so on. That is, the song is for everybody having good relationship with someone.

    (It's also the theme song for upcoming LOTTE Ghana Milk Chocolate commercials)
    As those of you know, DCT's "SWEET SWEET SWEET" was used in the ending theme of the video game "Sonic The Hedgehog". For the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Sonic, DCT has collaborated with top US Hip-Hop artist AKON in the rearrangement of this song. The vocals have also been re-recorded for this new arrangement, and this is first time for DCT to have their own song rearranged by another artist.

DCTJoy's Moshimo yuki nara / Kyou dake wa Limited Edition and Regular Edition single pages are now available!

New DCT concert DVD released November 29th!
Updated: December 14, 2006

Dreams Come True's new concert DVD, Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2006 The Love Rocks, was released November 29th!

Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2006 The Love Rocks

Limited Edition
ID Number: UPBH-9275
Price: 5,250 yen
(Extras: "Love Love Love ~ English Version Jazz Mix ~" CD, DVD of a "DCT-TV SPECIAL" and a LIVE Photo Book)

Regular Edition
ID Number: UPBH-1198
Price: 3,990 yen

Additional: The sound of live DVD is mastered by Mr. Vlado Meller, who is a well known mastering engineer at Sony Music Studio in NY, for both 2 and 5.1 channels.
More information can be found at the Dorispo.

DCTJoy's The Love Rocks Tour 2006 Limited Edition and Regular Edition DVD pages are now available!

DCT on Tour: "Dreams Come True 2006 The Love Rocks" is complete!
Updated: September 19, 2006

Dreams Come True has just finished their latest nationwide tour in Japan: "Dreams Come True 2006 The Love Rocks", in support of their newest album, The Love Rocks!

Concert Dates:

April 8 & 9
Hamamatsu Arena

April 15 & 16
Grande 21 (Miyagi-ken Soukou Taiikukan)

April 22 & 23
Nagoya Rainbow Hall

April 29 & 30
Marine Messe Fukuoka

May 6 & 7
Hiroshima Green Arena

May 13 & 14
Nagoya Rainbow Hall

May 17 & 18
Osaka-jo Hall

May 27 & 28
Yokohama Arena

June 3 & 4
Yokohama Arena

June 8 & 9
Osaka-jo Hall

June 17 & 18
Hokkaido Prefectural Sport Center (Kitayell)

June 24 & 25
Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou (Main Arena)

July 13
Yokosuke Arts Theatre

July 17
Tottori-ken Ritsu Kenmin Bunka Kaikan (Rika Hall)

July 18
Kurashiki City Auditorium

July 22
Ehime-ken Kenmin Bunka Kaikan (Main Hall)

July 23
Kawagawa Prefecture Hall (Grand Hall)

July 27
Matsumoto Performing Arts Center (Main Hall)

July 29 & 30
Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Large Hall)

August 3 & 4
Obihiro Citizens' Culture Hall (Large Hall)

August 9
Iwate Prefectural Hall (Large Hall)

August 10
Koriyama-shi Tami Bunka Center (Large Hall)

August 21
Kagoshima Hall (First Hall)

August 23
Miyazaki Municipal Culture Hall (Large Hall)

September 2
Shuunan-shi Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 4
Nagaragawa Convention Center (Main Hall)

September 5
Mie Prefercture Fine Arts Center (Large Hall)

September 9
Wakayama Tami Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 11
Biwako Hall (Large Hall)

September 12
Ishikawa Kousei Nenkin Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 17 & 18
Okinawa Convention Gekijou

There even more specifics (in Japanese) on the latest Dorisupo.

Celebrate DCT's 17th Anniversary!!!
March 21, 2006

17 years ago, Dreams Come True released their first single, Anata ni Aitakute.
Time to celebrate their Anniversary!!!
(Break open the champagne and wave those sunflowers!)

New Album, "The Love Rocks", released February 22nd, #1 Album on the Oricon Charts!
Updated: February 28, 2006

Dreams Come True's new Japanese language album, The Love Rocks, which was released February 22nd, reached #1 album on the Oricon Charts!

The Love Rocks
ID Number: UPCH-9220 (limited edition)/UPCH-1473 (regular edition)
Price: 3,300 yen (with limited edition DVD)
Price: 3,059 yen (regular edition)

The track list:

  1. Ai ga ROCK suru Theme
  3. Mata "tsurai" ga 1UP
  4. Memai
  5. JET!!! ~Album Version~
  6. Aishuu no GIJoe
  7. SUNSHINE ~Album Version~
  8. Teiuka
  9. WIFEHOOD sute oku densetsu PART1 ~Shufu no Sei Tsuma no Sei~
  10. Uso ni kimatteru
  11. Sora o yomu ~album version~
  12. Nando demo ~album version~

The main concept of the new album, "The Love Rocks", is "the bareness of Dreams Come True rocks your heart". The keywords for this album are "Pop" and "Raw". This means that Miwa and Masa want to express themselves as straightforward and simple as possible, so they can rock all of their listeners all around the world.

The DVD that comes with the special edition contains music videos from the songs released last year, as well as a 'making of The Love Rocks' video special.

DCTJoy's The Love Rocks (Special Edition) and The Love Rocks (Regular Edition) album pages are now available!

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
DCT News
New Greatest Hits Album: "DREAMS COME TRUE THE BEST! Watashi no Dorikamu" was released on July 7!
A fan favorite collection of 50 songs on 3 discs!
[Updated: Jul 7th]
New Concert Release: ATTACK 25 Concert Tour 2014
Released on DVD & Blu-ray on July 7th!
[Updated: Jul 7th]
New DCT Social Media Accounts
Dreams Come True's staff now has their own social media accounts!
[Jun 30th]
New Concert Tour: DWL Wonderland 2015!
Dreams Come True's Wonderland 2015 concert series has been announced with ticket information!
[Updated: Jun 5th]
Concert Festival: MBS presents "Watashi no Dori - The Live" concert - July 19
DCT & special guests perform at day long festival in Osaka in July
[May 21st]
DCT writes theme song for Pixar movie "Inside Out"
"Itoshi no Riley" is the theme song for the Japanese release
[May 21st]

New Greatest
Hits Album

DREAMS COME TRUE THE BEST! Watashi no Dorikamu
Watashi no Dorikamu

(July 2015)

New Blu-ray
25th Anniversary Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2014 - ATTACK 25 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
25th Anniversary Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2014 - ATTACK 25

(Regular Blu-ray Edition)
(July 2015)

New Single
Itoshi no Riley

(May 2015)

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Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
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