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DCTJoy.Com is an all encompassing fan tribute to the Japanese musical supergroup Dreams Come True. The site's purpose is to provide fans, both old and new, with access to the largest English language information base dedicated to the group lovingly refered to by its fans as DCT and Dorikamu.

Everything you could want about Dreams Come True is available: single and album information, indepth views into each of the members, samples of the group's music, the group's extension into the English music world, and much, much more. DCTJoy is also here to provide a place where DCT fans from around the world can come and talk with their fellow fans, courtesy of the DCTJoy Forums.

Please enjoy your stay and enjoy the Joy that is Dreams Come True! If you'd like to get in contact with the DCTJoy Staff, please drop us a line or introduce yourself on the DCTJoy Forums.

Creator of DCTJoy.Com

DCTJoy.Com creator Jay Fubler Harvey is a long time Dreams Come True fan, coming across the group when a pen pal introduced him to some songs from The Swinging Star. DCTJoy is the result of his long time desire to pay tribute to the wonderous Dorikamu duo who had given him so much joy over the years.

A web developer by trade, he is best known as the creator of the world famous Anime Web Turnpike (AniPike), which was widely considered the most popular, respected and influential Japanese animation and manga English language web site in the world during the 1990s and early 2000s. He also currently runs The Daily Multiracial, an ongoing journal featuring multiracial, biracial, mixed race and multiethnic individuals throughout the world who are known to be famous, noteworthy and/or interesting.

Jayís an avid movie buff, music devourer and theater fan. He loves to travel, especially to the playground of Las Vegas and even overseas (Japan, Egypt and Hawaii hold special places in his heart). He plays too much Rock Band (drums!), worships at the altar of sushi, is entralled/disgusted by politics, and enjoys exploring metropolis of Chicago, where a night of danceable Blues-R&B ainít such a bad time.

Jay's non-DCT musical influences come from all genres and decades: Spyro Gyra, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Prince, Doobie Brothers, Parliament/Funkadelic, Basia, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, and The Black Keys.

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
DCT News
New Covers Album: Watashi to Dorikamu 2
The second DCT cover album will be released April 1st!
[Feb 19th]
New Concert Tour: DWL Wonderland 2015!
Dreams Come True's Wonderland 2015 concert series has been announced!
[Jan 1st]
New Album: "ATTACK25" was released on August 20!
"ATTACK25" is DCT's 17th original album
[Updated: Aug 20th]

Latest Album
ATTACK25 (Regular Edition)

(Regular Edition)
(August 2014)

Latest Single

(Mar 2014)

Latest Blu-ray
Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013

(Regular Blu-ray Edition)
(June 2013)

Latest DVD
Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013 (Regular DVD Edition)
Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013

(Regular DVD Edition)
(June 2013)

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True
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Dreams Come True
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