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Dreams Come True
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ID Number: Epic/Sony ESCB 1450
Release Date: December 4, 1993
Price: ¥2800
Tracks: 12
Time: 45:52

Oricon Top Ranking: #1
Weeks on Oricon Chart: 25
Albums Sold: Double Platinum

Singles Released:

  • go for it!

  • #Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul PickJei's Pick

    1...AND THEN?1:13
    2LOVETIDE4:16availableJei's Pick
    3go for it!4:16availableMP3Jei's Pick
    4Fuyu zanmai ni wa mada tooi4:09availableJei's Pick
    5I'm a liar4:15availableJei's Pick
    6a little waltz3:27availableMP3Jei's Pick
    7Hanagumori no Nichiyoubi4:11availableJei's Pick
    8Iron na Kimochi5:08availableJei's Pick
    9Aishiteru Aishiteta4:31availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
    10Ame no Owaru Basho4:36availableJei's Pick
    11FANTASIA #14:35availableJei's Pick
    12HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY1:15availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick

    Jei's Comments

    Dreams Come True has created two perfect albums. This is one of them. ^_^

    Happy Happy Birthday should be the official world replacement for the old Happy Birthday song! ^_^

    This CD's booklet had a bit of a sunflower theme, which is why you'll see DCT fans holding onto sunflowers during concerts.

    Dreams Come True
    Dreams Come True
    DCT Albums
    Dreams Come True
    Dreams Come True
    Dreams Come True
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    Dreams Come True
    Dreams Come True
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