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Million Kisses

Million Kisses

ID Number: Epic/Sony ESCB 1250
Release Date: November 15, 1991
Price: ¥2800
Tracks: 12
Time: 55:46

Oricon Top Ranking: #1
Weeks on Oricon Chart: 92
Albums Sold: Double Platinum

Singles Released:

  • Eyes to me
  • Wasurenaide

  • #Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul PickJei's Pick

    1:59availableJei's Pick
    2Kare wa Tomodachi
    ("What a fabulous" VERSION)
    4:13availableJei's Pick
    3Goodbye, Darlin'4:59availableMP3Jei's Pick
    4Itoshi no Happy Days4:38availableJei's Pick
    5Kono koi wa Hard Boiled4:55available
    6Kusuriyubi no Kesshin4:39availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
    7Anata ni Salad3:51availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
    8Mirai Yosouzu5:21availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
    9Wasurenaide4:46availableMP3Jei's Pick
    10Shigatsu no Ame4:57available
    11Eyes to me
    (VERSION #2)
    4:39availableMP3Jei's Pick
    12Ginga e no Fune6:49availableJei's Pick

    Jei's Comments

    Their first double platinum album! Also contains their very first #1 single, Eyes to me.

    A hair away from being their third perfect album. ^_^

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    Dreams Come True
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