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The Love Rocks

The Love Rocks
(Special Edition)

ID Number: UPCH-9220
Release Date: February 22, 2006
Price: ¥3300

Tracks: 13
Time: 56:12

Oricon Top Ranking: #1
Weeks on Oricon Chart: 23

Singles Released:

  • Nando demo

  • Main CD

    #Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul 2 PickJei's Pick

    1Ai ga ROCK suru Theme1:26Jei's Pick
    2PROUD OF YOU4:31availableJei's Pick
    3Mata "tsurai" ga 1UP4:49available
    4Memai5:34availableJei's Pick
    5JET!!! 〜album version〜4:56availableMP3Jei's Pick
    6Aishuu no GIJoe4:23available
    7SUNSHINE 〜album version〜4:08availableMP3Jei's Pick
    8Teiuka4:22availableJei's Pick
    9WIFEHOOD sute oku densetsu PART1 ~Shufu no Sei Tsuma no Sei~4:23available
    10Uso ni kimatteru4:00available
    11Sora o yomu ~album version~3:36availableJei's Pick
    12Nando demo ~album version~3:52availableMP3Jei's Pick
    13SPOON ME, BABY ME6:12available

    Bonus DVD

    Jei's Comments

    The main concept of the new album, "The Love Rocks", is "the bareness of Dreams Come True rocks your heart". The keywords for this album are "Pop" and "Raw". This means that Miwa and Masa want to express themselves as straightforward and simple as possible, so they can rock all of their listeners all around the world.

    The new album contains everything from pop/happy songs to beautiful love ballads and more. The new album also contains special album versions of the new singles (Nando demo, JET!!!, SUNSHINE) from the past year.

    The DVD that comes with this special edition contains music videos from the songs released last year, as well as a "making of The Love Rocks" video special.

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