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The Soul: Dreams Come True Greatest Hits

The Soul:
Dreams Come True Greatest Hits

ID Number: Epic/Sony ESCB 2075-2076
Release Date: February 14, 2000

(Special package version re-release available from April 1-June 30, 2015)

Price: ¥3990 Tracks: 32 (16 each disc)
Time: 69:29/71:51

Oricon Top Ranking: #1
Weeks on Oricon Chart: 219
Albums Sold: Double Platinum

Disc One

#Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul PickJei's Pick

1A theme of the WONDERLAND1:43The Soul PickJei's Pick
2Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!4:19availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
3Ano Natsu no Hanabi4:47availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
4Kessen wa Kin'youbi5:36availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
5Kusuriyubi no Kesshin4:35availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
6Egao no Yukue4:23availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
7Ahaha4:12availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
8Shichigatsu Nanoka, Hare4:11availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
9LAT 43° N
~forty-three degrees north latitude~
6:00availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
10Nante koi shita n daro4:15availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
11Ring! Ring! Ring!4:31availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
12Ureshi Hazukashi Asagaeri4:21availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
13Anata ni Salad3:49availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
14Haretara ii ne4:05availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
15Yorokobi no Uta4:28availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
16Asa ga Mata Kuru4:14availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick

Disc Two

#Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul PickJei's Pick

1LOVE LOVE LOVE3:42availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
2Suki3:37availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
3Aishiteru Aishiteta4:31availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
4Kanashii Kiss5:50availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
5Mikazuki4:13availableThe Soul Pick
6WINTER SONG4:44availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
7The signs of LOVE4:36availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
8Mirai Yosouzu5:22availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
9Mirai Yosouzu II7:20availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
10Hoshizora ga Utsuru Umi5:50availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
11Sankyu3:42availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
12Kohaku no Tsuki4:08availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
13LOVE GOES ON···4:44availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
14Meganegoshi no Sora3:57availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick
15Jikan Ryokou4:21availableMP3The Soul PickJei's Pick
16HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY1:14availableThe Soul PickJei's Pick

Jei's Comments

It gets no better than this! ^_^

The Soul is the perfect example of what Dreams Come True is all about. Selected solely by Dreams Come True fans, it's a perfect mix of their great single hits as well as other wonderous songs from their albums. Lovely ballads and energetic songs alike, The Soul covers 11 years of the band's life, through a number of musical styles, showing much love for all the music DCT has created.

The liner notes also include a nice discography of DCT's first ten albums, including track listings.

To celebrate the coming Wonderland 2015, "The Soul" will be re-released for a limited 3 month time period. The CD will contain a special sleeve design. (Album cover will remain the same)

You want a place to start? Want to pick something DCT to introduce your friends to? This is it!

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