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Miwa Yoshida - beauty and harmony 2 (reissue)

Miwa Yoshida
beauty & harmony 2 (reissue)

ID Number: UPCH-20177
Release Date: November 18, 2009
Price: ¥3045
Tracks: 10
Time: 39:19

#Track NameTimeLyricsSamplesThe Soul PickJei's Pick

1theme of beauty and harmony 21:01available
2Namida no Mangekyo4:24availableMP3Jei's Pick
3Doushite Konnani4:45available
5Yume no Tsuzuki3:48available
6Anata no Kawaii Hito4:20availableJei's Pick
7the lessons4:42available
10theme of beauty and harmony 2 for strings1:03

Jei's Comments
This is the reissue of Miwa's second solo album! This reissue includes a new version of the CD booklet. Many from the original beauty and harmony all star band return and bring a number of their talented friends with them. There was also a five city beauty & harmony 2 tour to support the original CD release.

In addition to the regular album reissue, a special, limited edition which includes a DVD of the b&h2 concert tour was released.

Miwa also released a single called Namida no Mangekyo in conjunction with the original release of the album.

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